Prevalance and Integration of Technology in Society

Technology is something that has touched every bits of our lives. Everywhere we look at is a contribution of technology. Right from the start of the day till we go off to sleep it’s the internet that strikes life. Though many schools have not yet adopted the concept of online study, many have yet adopted the form of blended learning in schools and colleges. Technology changes the way teachers teach and the students learn. Let us see how!

Why integrate technology into the curriculam? How technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun?

Inculcating technology into the curriculam would mean to infuse revolution in the form of learning. Effective involvement in technology enhances the learning process. With the introduction of technology, it helps support the four key components of learning. These include active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback and connection to real world experts. In short, Elearning encourages participative learning with interpersonal teamwork. Learning with the help of applied technical tools gives students an idea about how the modern day paperless office works. They get the real time work experiences. Problem solving skills are developed along with decision making capability of the learners. Both the teachers and the students relationship is enlightened with the new aspect of interactive learning process.

How is learning benefited by technology?

Apart from the problem solving and the decision making skills of the learners, Elearning or blended learning is largely benefitted by technology. Have a look at the following points as to how technology helps in the learning enhancements of the candidates.

  • Helps the students to keep up their concentration levels- The research skills and the interactive process of computer learning helps the students stay focused on the study program for considerably long period of time and help keep up their concentration levels with the unique research skills of the online learning mode.

  • Make the students interested to learn- When students get the opportunity to browse and learn from the colourful and interactive pages unlimited and free of cost, they are more and
 more interested to learn.

  • Makes the learning process flexible- Online learning makes the learning process flexible. The students who are professionals and are working can persue with their full time job along with continuing with their online studies. Apart from this, the online studies are made available 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year and 7 days a week.

  •  Prepare students for their growth and development-  Online learning prepare students for their growth and development. Through the form of Elearning, the students get exposure to the real work situations. Consequently they develop problem solving skills, decision making of the enterprise and also develops the interpersonal skills among the team members.  

How teachers should be trained to use technology as an instructional tool in the classroom?

Not only the students but also the teachers should be trained to use the updated technologies. According to a recent report from the Chronicle of Higher Education, it has been observed that the teachers are facing various sort of difficulties in the use of technology to impart education. However, the problem should be effectively removed to value smooth flow of online learning. Use of technology should be largely encouraged for making the even novice teachers easy with the updated software. Instead of chalkboards the teachers should get used to chatboards. Online chats and blended learning should be incorporated in the learning mode to make the education process easy. In order to make the teachers handy with the updated technologies, they should be provided with on job technologies followed by a try it attitude to encourage the educators. 

What are the effects of technology on classrooms and students?

With introduction of technology, the role of the teachers and the students have changed to an extent.   With the help of online technologies, the students are able to make their own decisions, manipulate problems and can accordingly react. The teacher's role also does innovation. They are no longer the centre of attraction but acts as facilitators. With the help of projectors and the slide shows training is imparted. The project based on co operative learning involves a new form of education. The students have been noticed with increased motivation, self esteem and both the educators and the learners finds success with the virtual learning format. “Kids like the immediate results. It's not a result that you can get anywhere else except on computer...For them it really is a big deal. Much more so than I ever thought that it was going to be,” says Elementary School Teacher.

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Author Bio:  Technology is becoming more and more integrated in our society. The concept of Elearning has captured the education market and hope to see it booming in the near future.
Leona Sharon is an author, educator and coach specializing in online study tells you about the benefits of Elearning and its bright prospects in the future.

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Prevalance and Integration of Technology in Society
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