List of VPN Applications to download for Free Browsing

VPN Applications mainly serves as app that provides encrypted connections of any less security network. However, with the use of VPN, there is higher level of security provided, with privacy protection which most networks can’t provide.

There are most VPN applications that perform functions outside their main primary purpose, abandoning their primary function and underlying to another purpose. I call these apps tunneling applications. Although most of them still give the required protection still they’re used for other purposes.

The VPN applications I’ll be listing are tunneling applications that can be used as a tool for free browsing. With the help of these apps, you can easily bypass your internet service provider and access free internet.

List of VPN Applications to download for Free Browsing

Simple Server

Simple server is one of the top system applications that are used to tunnel either your computer or smartphone to the internet. This application eradicated limitation from your internet server provider, thereby letting you access the internet free of charge. All you need is few basic setups depending on the network you’re making use of, and you’re good to go.

OpenVPN is known to be the commonest open source software application that is also integrated with virtual private network (VPN). With the technicalities provided by OpenVPN, it would be possible to create secured point to point or site to site connections in either a routed or bridged configuration or maybe remote access facilities. This VPN also helps us tunnel our system unit to interact with the internet without any obstruction by our Internet service providers.

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If you’re a big fan of android, you must be familiar with the Psiphon VPN application. This is one of the most sophisticated VPN app that don’t offer VPN access but still known as a VPN app because it gives use free gateway access to the internet. With just few setups, you’re gamed on using your Psiphon android app. I already made some posts about psiphon which you might want to read about.


Autoproxy is known to be the most complete proxier in the market. What it does is to create transparent or intercept proxier running on your smartphone that redirects web traffic to the proxy. The app also has a way of tunneling your devices to access the internet without paying a dime. The app is available on different platforms and it’s advisable you access it for free browsing.


With the name droid, you should know that the app is designed specifically for android devices in other to bypass your internet service provider’s limitation or data cap and access the internet with unlimited data usage. I’ve created several posts on how to make use of proxydroid, you can use the search box to find any and read through.


Please don’t mind the name. The application is damn first when it comes to doing it work. The name is just an irony of its function. This application is available for both desktop and android devices, setup is very easy. In the app there are premium servers with premium features. All you need is input required setups, we always keep our readers updated with that, so don’t bother, just stay tuned and get the app available for your system or android device.

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Syphon Shield

Syphon shield is a remodded version of psiphon. On some networks, psiphon might flop with continuous disconnection, but with syphon shield, every connection goes smooth with no interruption or continuous disconnections. You can call it a better alternative to psiphon application. The app is made available for android users for now, soonest, developers at work would also make the application available for dektop.


Ever wanted to browse free on your android device? Netify is the best solution for you. With just few basic setups on its handler menu and main in-built setup, you get to access the internet with unlimited data usage, not capped. So, I also advise you get the Netify app on your android device as a backup, so whenever, psiphon or syphon shield fails to connect, then Netify would help connect.


This is another pre-modified version of psiphon. It’s a much more advanced version that comes with entirely different interface with better implementation on setup. The handler menu is also embedded into this application, setup is very easy (I do update that often, so try to check back on this blog) and connection is very smooth, fast and steady.


Tweakware is one of my favorite VPN applications. It offers free internet access, lets you hide your real IP address, secures your access to restricted contents, offers you multiple server locations, and offers you unlimited bandwidth for all servers and lots more. With this VPN, you get to become anonymous on the internet that nobody can track you down, your data get secured and you get to achieve total internet freedom. I already published an article on how to bypass tweakware premium server for free browsing.

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The JWP application is also a VPN android app for free browsing. The application also has a desktop version known as Your Freedom program. I know that most of you (internet gurus) would be familiar with the application. If you need the working version of the application with recent tweak on any network, please do let me know via comment section and I’ll detail you.
PD Proxy

Just like the proxydroid, the PD proxy is the desktop version of the application. This application offer virtual private network and also used as a tunneling software to secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet. It also makes sure you remain anonymous on the internet; no one can know your real IP nor track you. I already published a guide on how to access PD Proxy premium server free with unlimited downloads.


This is one of the aged VPN clients for desktop and mobile. It’s been long they’ve in the market and they’re really doing great. The YF VPN is an All-in-one tunneling VPN program, bypasses firewalls and proxies, anonymization of users connection and anti censorship solution. With this program, you get to browse freely on the internet using either your mobile device or desktop computer.


DroidVPN is another cool VPN application which is also designed for android users. Having this VPN application on your android phone or tablet would do you great good as you get to browse through the internet with free access, browse anonymously, strong Wifi security, private data encryption, unblock blocked or restricted websites and lots more. The VPN normally gives a 100MB free usage daily for free servers and unlimited for premium server. I already updated an article on how to bypass droidvpn 100MB daily limit.

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Netloop formally known as Android simple server is an application that is integrated with free proxy and VPN access although it’s not a full featured VPN with security purposes, but it’s mainly used for tunneling purposes. With the netloop VPN, you get to browse freely on the internet without getting to pay a dime. Browsing using the netloop VPN depends o the setups. I do update the setups often, so you’re advised to check back on our latest updates, so you don’t miss out.

That’s all I can provide for now. I’ll keep updating the list if any and would also provide you with their download links soonest, if you need any urgently, you can let me know via comment section. Most of these apps are available in APK format for Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Symbian and even the windows computer. Don’t forget to read about the 10 Free Browsing cheats and Internet tricks that Still Rocks. Feel free to share…

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List of VPN Applications to download for Free Browsing
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