Have You Heard about Yahoo Aviate Android Launcher? Download Now

If you’re looking for the best android home screen replacement, then I advise you try Yahoo AVIATE launcher. It’s one of the latest android launchers with freemium features, unlike every other premium android launchers you pay for.

The Yahoo aviate launcher helps automatically organize apps on your device giving it an upgrade in material design and look. With this launcher, apps and information is being anticipated, all depends on what you’re doing and what you do most.

This launcher comes with a gorgeous look as per the developers review, integrated with smart screen features, simple, friendly navigations, convenient on search and above all gorgeous look on homescreen. At least, with the help of this launcher, you won’t miss a thing coming through notifications, reminders and other personalized information.

Where/how to Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher?

1.       Go to Google play store.

2.       Search for “Yahoo Aviate launcher”

3.       Install, launch and then set as default launcher.

4.       Alternatively, you can download here.

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That’s all about Yahoo aviate launcher. You can always change back to your previous homescreen launcher. Simply go to settings > home and select launcher. I bet you, after using this launcher, you won’t want to go back to your previous homescreen launcher.

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Have You Heard about Yahoo Aviate Android Launcher? Download Now
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