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Download Xposed Framework for Android 7.0 Nougat Devices

Android 7.0 Nougat Xposed frameworks is finally outed as you can enjoy unlimited modules from Xposed on a rooted Android 7.0 Nougat device, as I already detailed how to root Android 7.0 Nougat device and believe most of you that are running or to run would gain success to that.

For those of you it may concern, installation of Xposed framework is the major achievement of a rooted device. If you’ve successfully rooted your android device, and you’re not enjoying modules from Xposed, then you’ve not achieved the main aim of gaining root access.

How to Generate QR Code for WiFi Password and Share to Friends

Do you know that you can easily share your WiFi access with friends and neighbors without letting them know your real WiFi password? You might want to share WiFi access with neighbors but not your real WiFi password.

Using this QR Code method, all you need to do is generate QR Code for WiFi access on android devices, and then share code with anyone you wish to share WiFi access with, once you’re done sharing, all the person needs to do is scan QR Code, and the persons WiFi would be connected automatically.

How to Root Android 7.0 Nougat devices without Computer

As known, Google recently announced the full name of android N to be Android Nougat and this version of android operating system comes with lot of features. But, no many features can be compared to when your android device is rooted.

Rooting our Android 7.0 Nougat device is more like unlocking the device for maximum tweaking as we get to tweak the dark ends of our devices, install Xposed framework, install custom roms, flash recovery files  and lots more.

The New method to Hide SMS or Private Messages on Android

Receiving private messages is one thing, keeping it safe and secured is another deal. Most individual are fund of exposing their private messages to public. Do you know that you your account security can be easily compromised if the number used in receiving bank notification aren’t secured? There are also several reasons we should keep our SMS private and secured.

Recently, I came across a new method to keeping private messages locked out from eye prying, and unlike every other method, this method seems to work perfectly and gives your SMS the maximum security. With the help of the application I’ll be revealing, you stand a chance to hide all your private messages from eye prying.

How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android [One-click Method]

Generally, android devices don’t feature backup option for most data which includes text messages or short message service (SMS). However, as we are more dependent on our devices as a means of sending text data and also receiving, then it’s important we create a backup for every text data.

As know, there are various ways to backup sms on android, but these techniques requires a computer or some kind of tweaking which is hell lot of process, but the one-click method I’ll be revealing to you makes backup easy and automated, as you can always restore anytime and anywhere.

How to Upload Social Display Photos without Cropping on Android

Generally, whenever we take a photo with our android device, the dimension of the photo doesn’t come in a squared shape, so we get to crop the photo whenever we want upload on our Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp as display photo.

So, if you ever wanted to upload your social display profile on android without getting to crop the photo, then this guide is your best shot. At the end of the day, you should be able to upload your display photo without the need to crop the photo.

How to Customize System font on Android using Your Handwriting

Fonts are described as type size, weight and size of a typeface. We can choose to select provided fonts on android system by default, but none can be customized. Generally, it takes a rooted android device to integrate a third party font system which is applicable in most cases and works for all messaging unit.

Recently, someone ask, “what if we can use our handwriting to make a system font on our android?” the question might look strange to you because you’ve never taught of it, but I’m happy to bring the good news to you, as its now possible to make system fonts on android using our handwriting. Cool isn’t it?

How to unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP and Root Oneplus 3

Oneplus 3 android has been launched and made available on e-commerce stores. However, we managed to get the official custom recovery file for the device alongside the root file. With this, we can be able to install custom recovery by team win recovery project and then flash the SuperSU root file from recovery mode.

Before we can get to install the recovery and root files, there are protocols that we can’t skip, like unlocking the bootloader of the device. As known, oneplus devices do comes out of the box with a locked bootloader, so we can flash files on it only if we did unlock the bootloader of the device.

How to Install Systemless Xposed on Android [Working OTA and Android Pay]

I’m pretty aware that most of you know the benefits of installing Xposed on our android device. With posed framework on your device, then you’ve benefitted one of the major reasons on rooting your device. Just like cydia on a jailbroken iOS device, Xposed framework is the key to most tweaking on android phones, these apps accepts packages known as modules, and in the modules package, you get integrated functionality like a built-in system on the device but all third parties operated.

You see, having installed Xposed framework on your android device, full customization of the device would take effect as open units for that would be made available and with the plethora of modules available for Xposed, then groundbreaking development and tweaking on your device would be fun. So, if you own an android device, rooted your device, and haven’t installed Xposed on it, then I want you to know that you haven’t achieved the key purpose of rooting your device.

How to Add New Emojis Featured on Android N on Any Android

We’ve anticipated the version 7 of android operating system for some months now, and we’re still anticipating it. Not even the name given to the version has been revealed, we just caption it as “Android N”. Soonest, the name would be made known to us and Google would begin to roll out the update on our smartphones.

I’ve published some articles under the “Android N” tagline, and I know that most of you’ve already implemented most of the guides revealed. By now, you should be able to use Android N quick reply features on any android and also integrate Android N features on Lollipop and marshmallow android.

How to Compress and Convert HD Videos with Android or PC without Loss in Quality

If you’ve noticed, most movie websites where you download your high definition movies do compress their videos for faster downloads and less use on data. You might see a 1.9GB video on a particular site in HD and same video in HD appears to be just 350MB and you begin to ponder, because the HD video with lower size still maintains almost same high quality display as that of the non-compressed video.

So, if you ever wanted to compress any HD video and still maintain its quality on display, then I advise you go through content revealed below to get started.

5 Best Apps to Check Important Statistics on Android

I’m pretty sure that most of you haven’t taken full advantage of your android device. There are amazing android applications that can be very helpful in checking various statistics o your device. You get to know how long your device is being used, data usage, hardware information and some other important statistics.

Today, I’ll highlight the top 5 most amazing application for checking stats on android. I’ve written guide about some of them, so I’ll provide you guys with their download link via the already detailed guide so you can also read more details about the applications.

How to Enable LED Flash for Calls and Notifications on Android and iPhone

Activating LED flash for alerts, phone calls and notifications from any messaging app is one of the known features that you can find on an iPhone device that is, by default, the iPhone device comes with this feature but not integrated on android phones.

This feature serves as an alternative to sound alert, maybe, your device is in meeting mode, but you want to also get notified for any alerts or notification that comes into your device, then I advise you enable the LED flash for alert feature so you can get notified by your LED flash blinks.

Getting started with Galaxy S7 Game Launcher (Quick Guide)

Recently, I’ve been trying some few tricks on a colleagues Galaxy S7 smartphone, and I discovered that the device featured so many tricks that you can hardly discover on any other android device. One of the most unique features integrated on the Galaxy S7 device is the Game launcher system.

The Galaxy S7 Game launcher application is a central app that gathers all the existing games on your Galaxy S7 device and launching them into a mono-interface, that is, you get to launch any downloaded or existing game via the game launcher. With this technique, you get to modify the gaming resolution and other necessary settings for maximum or optimal gaming.

How to Enable Blurred UI (LP) Feature on Android Phones

Blurred UI feature is what enhances the interface of your device with an amazing look. The UI of your android device gets blurred like that of an iOS device and everyone would begin to wonder how you got that feature on your android smartphone, because it’s found on iPhone devices by default.

To enable the blurred UI (LP) feature on your android, you’ve to make sure that your device is rooted; this would work on kitkat, lollipop and marshmallow devices. As long as you’ve installed Xposed framework on your device, you’re good to go.

5 Best Call Recording Apps for Android Phones

Android Smartphone comes with great specs components and also features lot of fun, but recording phone calls on your android device can only be made advanced with the help of some third party applications.

In this article, I’ll highlight the 5 best Android apps for call recording, and you can easily get the application from Google play store for free.

How to Add Android N Quick Reply features on Lollipop and Marshmallow

Android N operating system has been on air for some weeks now, and I know that most of you making use of Nexus device are already enjoying the developer’s preview of the Android N operating system. The developers preview already reveals most of the features the Android N is likely to have once it’s available in full.

Those of you already running Android N developers Preview on Nexus devices should be familiar with the quick reply features on Android N operating system. It’s a feature that helps separate notifications of every contact including a reply button, so that you can easily action a quick for every message received, even without altering the messaging application.

Data Usage Monitor: Best Android App to Track Accurate Stat on Data

For the past years, I’ve been making use of the default mobile network data tracker that is integrated on android system and located in settings. The tracker is very useful but I noticed that the stat displayed on the tracker isn’t accurate, so I decided to work with a third party data usage tracker and then came across the data usage monitor app.

The data usage monitor app is a very useful android app and known to be the best android application for tracking data usage. It’s a user-friendly application that keeps track on real-time data usage and helps measures your daily traffic over mobile network and WiFi and also helps you analyze the data.

How to Change YouTube video Quality on Android

Changing YouTube video quality is one of the basic tips you should know while making use of the YouTube android application. Most of you might be familiar with the change option, but some others still don’t know how to change video quality of a YouTube video from android.

By default, video quality would be high, might be low on some other devices, all depends on the type of video being uploaded. You might want to change the video quality for some reasons, if reducing data usage is one of the reasons you want to change video quality to a lower quality, then you’re advised to go through this article on how to save mobile data using YouTube android app.

How to Hack Wi-Fi Network Password using Android – 2016 Method

This content detail how you can bypass, crack or hack Wi-Fi network using Android, and it’s an updated method that works in 2015. However, it’s tested on few android running on kitkat and most android devices running on Lollipop and marshmallow and it worked perfectly.

Disclaimer: This is not a hacking content, it’s a guide for educational purpose that details how you can bypass your Wi-Fi network, and it’s to be tested on your personal Wi-Fi network and shouldn’t be used outside your network, as it is a crime in most society. I won’t be held responsible if you’re caught using this method for illegal activities.

Previously, I revealed a 100% working application that can bypass your Wi-Fi network in just one click, but don’t rush moving to the article, I advise you read this up then you can proceed to the previous article and check out the app behind the trick.