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How to Download Instagram Photos or Videos on Any Smartphone

Instagram is an awesome community for photographers. It is also an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras. Users can also apply digital filters to their images. The maximum duration for Instagram videos is 15 seconds.

Instagram network is known to be a fantastic network, but the problem its users face is that, it doesn’t have option to save photos or videos. However, this option may be disabled due to copyright issue.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on how to download and save instagram photos or videos on any smartphone that operates on either Android OS or iOS devices like iPhone/iPad.

Download and Install Kik Messenger for PC/Laptop, Windows 8.1/8/7/XP- Latest Version

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application for mobile device that was initially released on the 19th of October 2010, and the recent version is now updated to 7.10.1, which is released Feb, 4th 2015. The development status of this messenger is still active, that is, there would be updates on its version with time. The kik messenger works on various platforms like Ios, Android and windows phone. Kik messenger is one of the great alternatives to Whatsapp messenger and it’s modeled after blackberry’s messenger.

Features of Kik Messenger for PC/Laptop

  • The kik messenger doesn’t charge for its service, that is, you can send unlimited sms, text messages and chats without spending a dime. In other words, the kik messenger is free of cost.
  • You can send unlimited invites to kik messenger, be it your family, friends or contacts.
  • The kik messenger app also allows group chat, that is, you can send a single message to multiple people via the group chat.
  • The kik messenger app also alerts us with unlimited notification, regarding to your ongoing conversations.
  • With kik messenger, you can easily make a status update, just like other normal messaging app.
  • With kik messenger, you can easily indicate your connected friends who are online or not.

5 Best Whatsapp Alternative You Should know in 2016

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the largest cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Do you know about the top 10 whatsapp certified figures? I advice you go check it out, to see for yourself, the rate at which the whatsapp messenger is being used.

I must confess, the whatsapp messenger came unbeatable by any other social messaging app, and that's the more reason Facebook acquired whatsapp for $19million. That's a whooping sum of money. Not withstanding, the features that the whatsapp messenger acquires is so impressive with loads of features. You won't believe it if I should tell you that there are 5 things you don't know about the whatsapp messenger, and those five (5) things is based on there hidden features. I adviced you take a stroll to that post and check out the surprising things you don't know about the whatsapp messenger.

10 Best Social Media Apps for Android

Social media is being seen as an interaction between people, in which information is being created, shared, and exchanged in virtual communications and networks. The social media is being known in different forms, which include social blogs, weblogs, magazines, internet forums, podcasts, video, social networks, rating and social bookmarking. Actually, we have six major types of social media, which includes;

  • ·         Collaborative projects – eg, wikipedia
  • ·         Blogs and microblogs- eg, twitter and tumblr
  • ·         Content communities- eg, youtube
  • ·         Social networking sites- eg, facebook
  • ·         Virtual game world- eg, world of warcraft
  • ·         Virtual social worlds- eg, second life

Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the top 10 best social media apps for android. With the apps I would highlight below, you would be thoroughly connected into the social world on the web.

  • 1.       Facebook-
Facebook social media app is the mostly used social media app by android users with lots of impressive and unique features. With facebooksocial media app, you can easily share updates with your friends on facebook, you can also share pictures and videos with them. You also get notified whenever you’re being messeged by a friend, or your updated status has a comment. Another fun about the facebook social media app is that it also lets you play some interesting games on it. I do advice you get connected to facebook through its social app.

  • 2.       Twitter-
Twitter social app is another popular social media app that is also widely used by android users. With the twitter social app, you can easily get connected to people, express yourself and also get to discover the things you love. The twitter app also lets you express yourself easily with emoji, text, photos, vines, emoticons, and video. I also recommend you download the twitter social media app, it’s very useful.

  • 3.       BBM App-
BBM also known as blackberry messenger, is a very common app that was formely used by blackberry users only, is now common to android users after the quick launch of the app on andriod. With the BBM app, youget connected to your friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, voice notes, media shares and many more. I highly recommend the BBM app for android users; it’s an interesting social media app.

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  • 4.       Instagram-
Instagram is another cool social media app that lets you share photos and videos with your fans and followers in your photo feed. The instagram social media app also gives room for unlimited uploads of your media and also lets you share and follow your friends feeds with just a single click. I advice you also get connected to instagram, it’s a really great social zone.

  • 5.       Youtube-
Youtube is known to be a google branded app and also the most popular social media app for video coverage which lets you upload unlimited number of videos into your youtube channel, and also watch lots to fun video that you really love. One lovely feature about the youtube social media app is that you can easily search for your favourite video by using a voice search. If you don’t have the youtube social media app on your device, then you’re really missing.

  • 6.       Whatsapp Messenger-
The whatsapp messenger is another exclusive social media app that has really won lots of android fans within a short period. Whatsapp messenger lets you send instant chats to your contact list which are connected to whatsapp, and also lets you share photos and videos with your family and friends. The whatsapp messenger acquires lot of impressive features, which includes, group chats, privacy setups, status updates and many more. There is no hidden cost using the whatsapp messenger, so get connected now.

  • 7.       Skype-
The skype social media app is also an impressive social media app that lets you communicate to your love ones through voice and video calls. it's also one of the best android app for video calls. I also recommend the skype social media app for android users, its really a great social media app.

Google talk- Ultimate Social Messaging App

Google talk is an ultimate instant messagin g application which provides both text and voice communication. The google talk messenger is commonly known as ‘gtalk’ or ‘gchat’ by its users, though the name isn’t endorsed by google.

The google talk app is a google branded app that is avaliable for Microsoft windows, Android OS, iOS device, Blackberry device and Chrome OS operating system. Google talk messenger offers real-time messenging service, which includes both offline messenging and voice mailing. With the google talk app, you can receive both chats and voice calls from various gmail users, and this doesn’t require google voice for voice mailing. Video chats are also included in google talk and this can be done between gmail users. The more reason I appreciate the google talk service is because it provides offline messenging between gmail users.

The google talk app is very much compatible with most mobile device and it doesn’t has a specified text formatting, that is, you can use your mobile fonts for it.

Where can I download Google talk app?
·         Download Google talk app for blackberry here.
·         Download Google talk app for iPhones and iPads here
·         Download Google talk app for Android OS here
·         Download Google talk app for Microsoft windows here.
  • Download Google talk app for Mac here

Hope this helps? I do advice you download the google talk app for your device because it’s a very useful app and it makes messenging very easy, faster and better. If you encounter any difficulty towards using the application, please do let us know and we won’t hesitate to redirect the problem to Google Inc, if it’s beyond our resolution.

Line: Best Free Call + Messaging App for All Device

Line Application is a new program that helps deliver text messages, voice & video calls and enables unlimited communication at no limit.

The Line app is an exclusive application that is being used by over 450 million audience and also ranked as the #1 most downloaded apps in 52 countries like thailand, japan, chiana, spain, hong kong, indian, mexico, Russia e.t.c. And I know it would soon rank well in Nigeria and most african nations.

Line app logo

Features of the Line Application:

- Free Quality video calls
- Free Quality voice calls
- Fast and Free text messaging, with quick delivering
- Messaging interface comes with stickers and voice messages
- Photos and files can be sent with ease
- Timeline updates

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- Telegram Messenger- Ultimate alternative to whatsapp

Where can I download Line app for my device?

Download Line App for Androids here.

Download Line App for iPhones/iPads here.

Download Line App for Blackberry here.

Download Line App for Windows here.

Download Line App for PC (Windows 8) here.

Download Line App for Nokia (Asha, etc.) here.

Download Line App for PC or Desktop here.

Telegram Messenger: Ultimate Alternative to whatsapp, now Avaliable on all Device

Telegram messenger is a recent messenger that is now trending on the social media. This messenger has really advanced their features like that of the whatsapp messenger and now it takes a stand to battle with whatsapp messenger in the media world.

I can still remember when the 2G0 Messenger took a stand to defeat the whatsapp messenger in the media world, but instead, the case turned the other way round, now 2Go messenger is rarely used by the individuals.

Telegram logo

Taking a stroll at the figures of whatsapp messenger, you would notice that they're widely used to huge amount of figures. You can take a stroll to know the Top 10 Certified Whatsapp Figure in 2014, it's an analystic post about the whatsapp messenger.

Back to the telegram messenger, it's features are impressive just like that of the whatsapp messenger, and seems to be more competitive. Below are some comparative features of the Telegram messenger:

Telegram vs whatsapp logo

- It's Free forever, compared to the whatsapp messeger that give a year trial.

- It gives an unlimited chat upload, comapared to the whatsapp messenger that gives a 16MB chat upload limit.

- You messages can be accessed with multiple device on telegram messenger.

- No ads, No subscription fee and Free as I stated above.

- It's Avaliable on all device, which also includes your old java phones, i.e Nokia Xpress music, Nokia C1 etc.

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- How to Install the whatsapp messenger on Smartphones without Sim

How to Download The telegram Messenger on your Device:

- Download telegram messenger for Androids here.

- Download telegram messenger for Nokia Phones here.

- Download telegram messenger for Java Phones here.

- Download telegram messenger for iPhones/iPads here.

- Download telegram messenger for Windows Phone here.

- Download telegram messenger for Desktops/Laptops here.

I would encourage you guys to get the telegram messenger on your device, it's a cool app and looks mature, unlike the 2Go messenger that looks childish. Soon, I would be dropping my telegram details with you guys to get connected.

5 Must-Have PC Apps for Free Video Calls

Video calls and chats is of great advantage in the telecommunication. I usually recommend video calls to most tasking business that calls for conference meetings or any related issue from a far distance. Of course, we know that with video calls you can easily judge someone's reaction through assessing their body language, like knowing if the person you're communicating to is either smiling or frowning. Unlike the normal social messengers, you can hardly detect such body language.

video chat apps logo

Video calls also help in terms of strengthening of social relationship. It also helps to save time, unlike travelling distance journey for a conference, instead video calls can help to attend such conference from your home and this also helps you to do business at any time.

With the above stated benefits of video call, you would be needing some recommended Apps that helps access video calls. Below, I would be highlighting the 5 Best PC Apps for free video calls.

#5. Facebook Video Chat

facebook chat logo

Facebook is a cool social media platform and it's fun being on facebook media. Facebook lays another great ground by introducing a video calling or chat system, that is, through your PC, you won't just only chat with your friends unseened or share updates with them, but also interact with them through the use of your PC webcam. The facebook video chat app for PC is really a nice one, with skype video quality.

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#4. Google+ Hangout:

Google hangout logo

Google+ hangout is another video chat system that was introduced recently with the feature of making free face-to-face calls with even upto 10 different faces at once. It's actually a well protected Google chat system with good quality and can be accessed through Gmail account to hangout by upgrade. The hangout can be used on any browser or Operating system (OS) with any form of restriction. So download your Google+ hangout through itunes, web application or playstore, and start the hangout with your families and friends at no cost.

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#3. ooVoo:

oovoo logo

ooVoo is one of the topest and popular video calling software with over 30 million users and it's video quality is very high. With ooVoo video chat system, you can make a group chat with 12 persons at the same time. You can simply get the ooVoo application of Windows and Mac OS and it's also avaliable on smartphones, like androids and iPhones.

5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp is a great messenger that works as a cross platform mobile messaging app, which allows users to send or exchange SMS to each other with no service charges.
Whatsapp, has covered it's usage to over 500 million active users with billions of messages being sent every day, and over 70% of whatsapp users, are online for daily usage.

Today's stroll, I would highlight the top 5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger.

whatsapp logo

5 Things You don't Know about the Whatsapp Messenger

1. Do you know you can activate your whatsapp with no sim on your device?

Regarding to some tablet users that makes use of dongle on their device due to no sim slot, it's been comfirmed that whatsapp registration doesn't require sim cards on your device to activate registration.

At normal instict, to have a verified whatsapp account, you've to make clear to them that, you're the rightful owner of that account by slotting your sim into your device to proceed verification. With your sim in your device, your registration process would pass their normal verification procedure, but when your sim isn't in your device, then you would recieve an sms verification code or call verirfication which is another alternative to verifying your whatsapp messenger.
To know more about verification with no sim, check in here.

2. Do you know that you can share files of other format apart from audio and videos?

It's been common to you guys that whatsapp is limited to audios and videos file sharing. Now, you can share other files like PDF, EXE, RAR, APK, and ZIP via whatsapp. Actually, to perform this fuction, you would need to download cloudsend app on your device, with the cloudsend app, sharing files of other format to whatsapp would be made easy. You just need to link the app with cloudsend dropbox, then allow. Simply share the file to cloudsend and a direct link would be provided in which you can share the link in any messenging platform, then that document, app or file would directly be downloaded by your friends you shared it with.

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3. Do you Know that deleted Messages can be recovered?

Normally, whatsapp messenger helps to save all our chats on SD cards, so that we can be on the safer side.
Maybe, due to some reasons, your messages on whatsapp got lost, here are some useful tips to recover them:

Go to whatspp SD >> Card >> Database. In the database, you would see file like msgstore.db.crypt, which contains all recieved and sent messages, and also file like yyyy-msgstore..dd..db.crypt would be discovered, which contains messages that was sent in the last seen days. So, what you would simply do, is to open those files with a simple text editor, and you can find and read all messages from there.

Social media marketing tips for mobile

Introduction: In today’s mobile scenario, nearly 83% of US adults own cell phones, and around 42% of these own either Smart phones or iPads. More importantly, research studies have shown that nearly 87% of Smartphone users access the Internet or email on mobile devices and not necessarily on PCs or laptops, with nearly 67% using internet access on daily basis all across the USA. The medium is indeed massive and just waiting to be fully tapped and integrated into social media marketing and networking. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Orkut, Google+, MySpace and Tumbler have changed the dimensions and contours of social media networking over just short period of time, and their utility and usefulness are still growing booster, with each passing day.

social mobile logo

Tip Number1: Make your social media marketing more conspicuous on Facebook:

A large chunk of social media marketing is carried out by Facebook with over a billion users. Twitter is right behind with around 300 million users. The phenomenal success of these social media networks could be harmoniously integrated into mobile too. Most users now access Facebook and Twitter through their mobile devices and thus the marketing scope is indeed tremendous and growing with each passing day.

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Tip Number 2: Make use of social media networking through mobile e-mail:

Delivering social media marketing through mobile devices has now become imperative since many competitors have jumped into this bandwagon and many others are seriously contemplating on this marketing strategy.
The messages subject line must be short and high placed along with company website and Facebook page for further details. Social networking through mobile is indeed a fad with tremendous scope for future applications and prospects.
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Tip Number 3: Give mobile customers what they ask for and really need:

Most marketing in the US is now done by comparing prices and other variables on mobile devices, perhaps even inside the intended store. If the site is not updated and optimized for mobile customers and users, the sale may be lost to another seller. Over a period of time this could indeed impact bottom lines and weaken the Balance Sheets. It is in the own interests of product and service sellers to integrate into mobile marketing platforms for better visibility, prospects and businesses, since this is indeed the technology of the future, fast replacing the brick-and-mortar business model worldwide

Top 5 Social Networking Sites In 2014

Durning the early man times, social media had existed and still exists in different platform. Those days, the drawing of paints around the wall serves as a social media to the early man. I would rather say that social media have been of existence since human began to communicate.

social media logo

Michael Haenlein a PHD holder in marketing defines social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content."

As for me I would simplify social media as an interface of interaction whereby certain or various individuals create, exchange or even share informations in the virtual networks or communities.

Maybe social media might sound a different meaning to you in your own perspective.

Today's stroll I would be briefing you on the top 5 social networking sites in 2014.

Before I get started with my list, I would first advice all the bloggers/webowners and also other business firm in the house to try your best to patner with the list of networks that am going to be briefing you on now.

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Here we go.....

1. Facebook:

Facebook is the highest social networking site with world rank of second position and also the most popular site in Brazil with the first position rank.
It is such a popular network that has over 900,000,000 unique visitors on monthly basis.

Facebook social network was originally founded at Feb. 4th 2004 and was launched worldwide in 2005.

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The Key founders of facebook are Mark Zuckerberg
(Chairman and CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg

2. Twitter:

Twitter is another popular social network site with world rank of second position and nineth position in the united state.

Twitter media network is populated with over 290,000,000 unique visitors on monthly basis.
It's foundation date was on the 21st, of march 2006.

The key founders of twitter network are Jack Dorsey (Chairman) and
Dick Costolo (CEO).

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5 Ways To Turn Your Facebook Likes To Love

"Expectation is the root of all heartache."
~William Shakespeare

Happy Friday!
It's Valentines day so in the spirit of this hallmark holiday here are five ways to escalate the connection you have with your fans and turn your Facebook likes to loves.


Here we go...
1. Genuinely Interact With Your Fans
Don't just schedule your posts for the week and leave it at that...
...check into your Facebook page daily and get people talking.
Questions and fill in the blank posts are a great way to get the party started.

2. Connect With Your Fans Across the Social Web
If you notice the same names liking and commenting on your posts take a few seconds to Google them and connect with the social networks that come up.
If you follow one of your Facebook fans on Twitter send a tweet or ReTweet them so they know you connected.
It's not about converting fans into followers, it's about creating deeper connections and real relationships with the people you meet online.

How To Create A Mini Movie On Facebook

Facebook is the highest ranking social media site in the world with lots of great features.

Most of you might be familiar with this thread.

For some weeks now, you would notice some series of movies display on your timeline.


This is just to inform you that facebook enables you to create a mini video that is similar to those once seen on the timeline feature.
What it actually does is that, it binds all the series of images that you have uploaded on facebook with sound tracks and then forms a mini video unlike slideshows.

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To get started, follow the link ==>

Then create it and share.
Hope this helps!!! If you encounter any issue on doing that, let us know.


2 ways to boost your website traffic using social networking sites pt.2 (twitter)

It’s been known that twitter is another great network for social marketing with one of the hugest audience amongst other social networks.
There are common terms used in the twitter social network which are “tweets” and “follows”. These terms are commonly used in twitter and they also helps in the activities that the twitter social network do run in terms of social marketing.
Today’s stroll, I would be briefing you on the 2 ways to boost your website traffic using the social networking sites Pt.2 (twitter).

1.     Huge followers:
In the perspective of social marketing, it’s common that individuals on the twitter social network with more followers gain much more respect than those with low followers. In other words, you are of more advantage when you have so many followers on your twitter account.
How does this huge followers favour you? Whenever you share a brief description of your business with not more than one hundred and forty words, its ideal that almost all your followers would come across it. So the same term apply for you as a website owner. A website owner is even on more advantage because he or she would receive enough backlinks once you update a brief description of your site which includes your site link.
So the best you can do is to implement the twitter gadgets on your website so that your site visitors can also share your posts link on twitter which helps you gain more audience.
I have once published a topic on this blog on how to get more followers free, so you can take a stroll on that topic and gain as many followers you wish to obtain.

3 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Social Networking Sites Pt.1 (Facebook)

3 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic Using Social Networking Sites Pt.1 (Facebook)

Social marketing is actually a good tool in advertising your product. Most individual do pay to advertising companies for their products to be reviewed and advertised not knowing that the social network is like a free market arena where you can also get your product advertised with no charges. Are you a marketer, an author or a producer, and you need your product or service to reach out to thousands of individual with no charges, then this discussion thread is actually for you.
It takes a wise person to plan out his or her strategies when it comes to social marketing. Today’s stroll, I would base my disscussion on facebook social network, and I would help you in marking out strategies on how to boost your website traffic using the facebook social network. If you are also in one business firm or another, then I also recommend this tutorial for you.

There are three major strategies that I have so much learn to use when it comes to traffic management, this strategies are:

1.     Commitments to facebook groups:
Discussing about commitment to facebook groups, it actually means the way you engage yourself to various facebook groups. Therefore as a blogger or web owner, you are adviced to engage with different facebook groups that are related to your niche (what you blog about).

So here is the point:
First search for facebook groups related to your niche, for instance, you do discuss about “make money online tips”, then you search for that on facebook and join as many groups  as you can under the related keyword, you are also adviced to join groups that are over  (2,000 - 3,000) members occupied already in them.
Then your next line of action is to try relating with them and get to know the policy abiding such groups. Remember that you don’t just join and start posting your web links because it can be seen by some groups as spam, which also declines their policy, and it can attract harsh decision like banning you out of such groups. So, try relating with such groups and try to know their whereabout.

Once you have engaged your self with such groups, then your next line of action is that, whenever you publish a certain topic to your site, try and moves to those groups you have joined, and don’t just paste the link of your url, first write down a little discription of the topic you just updated and then fix a linkback for your site, then you can now publish it to thsose groups. Once any of those group members sees the description of your content catchy, he or she would love to know more, then such person would click on your backlink, by the time you continue same procedure over and over again in all the groups you have joined, then you would notice that the more clicks you get, the more traffic benefited and also interested visitors would be engaged to your site and always comeback for more interesting tutorials.
So getting over 20 groups with 5,000+ members to check on your published tutorial, you must certainly have at least 2,000 views or visitors engaged, well that’s real traffic for you.

2.     Improving facebook fan page:
Fan page of a thing on facebook is one of the things that most bloggers do ignore. Actually, it’s so bad that nowadays, most bloggers still do ignore facebook fan page not knowing that it is one of the advantages that builds up their blog reputation and also favour them in terms of traffic.
In other words, to get much audience on your fanpage, try implementing the like buttons on your blog or website, then also try as much as possible to get all your facebook friends invited on your fan page. You can also try as much to get connected with most of your facebook friends that have more reputation and friends than you, so they can help invite fans on your page.
Getting more fans on your page is likely to increase your blog or website traffic level, but how?
Once you have at least 5,000 likes on your fan page, whenever you make a backlink on the page by updating your site recent posts, then your posts published on your facebook fan page would reach out to 50% (at least) of your fans, in which 48% would eventually end up clicking on your backlink to your website or blogsite. So you can anaylize the amount of visits that you would be getting everyday.

How to get ulimited free Social Likes, Follows and Views

All media works us over completely. As we know, social media have been a great tool for growth in entertainment and non- entertainment industries.

Actually those who fully benefits from social media are business organizations and other related firms.

"This is what made the difference, they used social networking for entertainment and I used it for business".

Today's stroll, i would be introducing you to a website that have helped so many individuals in terms of business promotion and other related activities.

social media-logo

Youlikehits is what am talking about. This site is a great means for promoting social activities.

With Youlikehits you can get free and unlimited twitter followers, twitter retweets, facebook likes on your page, vine followers, Google+ circles, myspace friends, youtube views, youtube likes, youtube subscribers, instagram followers, pinterest followers and many more social network promotions.

It's simple, to get started, first create an account with them Here, then manage your account by connecting any social network you decide to promote and start getting your promotions free.

But there is one more thing, the fact is that you have to promote other people's page or network category to earn points, that points is what you would use to get yours promoted.

This site has really helped so many individuals like me such that i create pages on facebook, get it promoted and sell them out on fiverr.

In conclusion, i hope this would help so many business firm promote their company. Would like to hear from you if you have any difficulty with the site.

How to get over 5,000likes on your facebook fanpage

Do you own a facebook fanpage with a very low like rank?
If yes, then this tutorial is for you.

Facebook is one of the largest online social media to advertise or even promote your online and offline business. You can reach millions of people within a short period. So imagine when you get over 1000likes on daily basis, then your advertisement rate for any of your product would rank high.

Just read carefully to the alternatives, and you would benefit from this.


How to get many likes on your Fanpage
=>The first method is what i call likemeinreturn.
I call this method the Sow and Rep method.

How it works:
=> First you get an account HERE
=>Drop your FB Fan page link below

=>Like other peoples Fan page link that will be drop in the comment section and request for a like in return.

What do i mean by the Sow and Rep method?
From the above explaination, once your fanpage link is being droped on the comment box, then your own duty is to like other people fanpage, imagine if you like 1000 fanpages daily, then yours would be liked in return.
So simply drop your fanpage link, like others and then request for like.

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==>Another option you might want to add to the above is ADD ME FAST simply helps you gain more publicity on social networks, it shows you a smooth and simple way to grow the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram, it helps you get more viewers on YouTube, and more likes and admirations to your Facebook page and/or your Google circles.
You can download it for Android here for ease of accessibility, you can visit there official website Here

Hope this helps!!!

Download New FB Messenger Redesigned & Updated With Phone Number Integration

One of the social networking giant of in the world Facebook has launched another interface for their FB messenger.

This is more like iOS 7 inspired, and faster performance, along with new chat features like the ability to message someone with justtheir phone number, and there is a new icon that indicates which friends are logged into the app.

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Why You Should Download This New FB Messenger?

==>Make free calls, even to friends in other countries.

==>Know when people have seen your messages.

==>See who's available on Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.

==>Record voice messages

==>Stay logged in so you never miss a message.

==>Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break.

And lots more… You just have to get it running on your device.


Before You Download Do This
Uninstall the previous one you have on your device

Where Can I Download It?

For Android users, visit Google play store to download it or download it here directly While iPhone users should visit iTunes store to get it running.

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