[Latest] 5 Steps to Unjailbreak any iPhone or iOS Devices in 2016

Unjailbreaking your iPhone devices help to eradicate any cydia package from your iPhone device and restoring the device to its default firmware. This process also helps in upgrading to most recent firmware update automatically, without facing any issue…. In simple meaning, unjailbreak means to undo jailbreak.

4 major disadvantages of any Jiailbroken iOS device is that, they face lag issues, more vulnerable to virus attack, spell checker is disabled and loads of false apps are installed… and these advantages are the major reasons you should unjailbreak your jailbroken iOS device.

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to unjailbreak any iPhone device in 2016… and I’ll be highlighting 5 steps that you should follow to accomplish the task. However, you’ll be unjailbreaking your iOS device with itunes.

5 Steps to Unjailbreak any iPhone

Step 1: firstly, make sure you’ve iTunes on your computer… then connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2: next, you’ll need to backup your iPhone device… two backup options are available… backup data to iCloud or to computer.

Step 3: Once backup is completed… you’ll have to restore your iPhone device…

Step 4: All you need to do is, click on Restore iPhone from Itunes, update screen will appear, you can then update system software and unjailbreak process will be completed once restore is finished.

That’s it on how to Unjailbreak any iPhone device, and unjailbreak process works on iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2 or any other recent iOS firmware available. Feel free to drop your comment if you encounter any difficulty during the process, and don’t forget to share this brief guide with friends on social networks.

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[Latest] 5 Steps to Unjailbreak any iPhone or iOS Devices in 2016
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